What is Battlegrounds Mobile Mod Apk?

Battlegrounds Mobile (commonly referred to as BGMI) is a new game for android & ios phones developed by Tencent Games. It’s basically PUBG for mobile devices and it has been out on android since October 2017 but recently was launched on ios too and has had millions of downloads already with an average rating of 4.5/ 5. It costs $0.99 to download from the play store but you can find a free apk link below for both android & iPhone.bgmi MOD APK Battleground Mobile India Mod Apk

bgmi mod apk

Battlegrounds Mobile: India is the vernacular version of PUBG for mobile devices and it’s only available for Indian language users at this time so if you’ve always wanted to play bgmi but don’t know Hindi then, you’re in luck because below you can find a link to download bgmi apk as well as battlegrounds mobile modded apk which supports the English language. BGMI MOD APK

It’s basically pubg for mobile devices. Just like in pc, there are various modes in the game where you either fight against AI or against real players and it depends on the mode to how many people are playing the game in a server, so those who love shotgun will love this game because there is no weapon more effective against opponents than shotguns and when you’re stuck in small houses with zombies crawling around trying to hunt you down, only one gun that can save your life is a shotgun but just like other mobile battle royales, bgmi has a various arsenal of weapons which includes assault rifles and sniper rifles too.

battlegrounds mobile mod apk

It also includes a vehicle and boating feature like its pc version & tends to be very lag-free all the time giving players a smooth experience throughout the game while bgmi apk download for android and ios is still in development.

When it comes to features, the battlegrounds mobile is packed with similar and more advanced features than PUBG but still, there’s a lack of something which you’ll probably feel after playing this game, some players have complained about stability issues when playing the game and that might be because battlefield Indian battle royale is run on mobiles which means they don’t include high-end graphics like pc so you can expect lower fps or lags during the game. There are also some problems with bugs, sometimes these bugs result in instant death and if you still liked the game then you can use battlegrounds mobile mod apk link below.

Features of BGMI Mod Apk: –

1- Variety of Weapons & Vehicles

You can use a variety of weapons to fight against enemies including sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, and other melee weapons too. Just like in the pc version bgmi apk download has various types of vehicles including cars, boats, etc. It also includes a boat feature which makes it more fun but note battles royale mod apk is still in development and you can expect more amazing features in the future too.

battlegrounds mod apk

2- Play Solo, Duo, or Squad

Like other battle royale games, battlegrounds mobile has nothing to do with the teams and that means you can either play solo, duo, or squad. Just like PUBG, there is also a feature of drop items from helicopters in battlegrounds mobile India. Although, unlike PUBG where you can find random weapons on the ground, bgmi gives you the option of choosing your weapon before dropping it’s something that many players love about battlefield India.  You can either choose to select a weapon by its category or choose a weapon from a particular category.

battlegrounds india mod apk unlimited uc

3- Weekly updates

Weekly updates with awesome new maps, weapons, game modes & more coming every week! It’s like a match being renewed weekly! Even if you’ve played for hours before this is still a reason why battlegrounds mod apk download for android is worth trying out again as it requires only a  few megabytes updates to the game.

4- Variety of Maps

The game includes a variety of maps. It also has various types of weapons too from guns to melee and even vehicles. If you like going onslaught then play in one map, if you like sniping then play in another. If you like hiding behind walls then play in a house or close to trees and bushes.

Just like in PUBG, there is also a bgmi map with different areas and it’s still being updated regularly since battlegrounds mobile India just came out so you can expect new areas or cities to be added to the game soon. The maximum player count for battlegrounds mobile is 60 while in PUBG it’s 100 which means battlefield Indian battle royale has smaller teams than PUBG. One of the most important factors when playing this game offline is your internet connection, there are many players who experienced lag issues during gameplay due to bad connection or due to high data usage (they play this game while downloading other games).

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5- Multiple Languages

Now bgmi apk download supports everything in multiple languages so this means that you can play it with your buddies which are really fun!

6- Fight against Friends

If you think the AI in battlegrounds mobile mod apk is too easy, then you can switch to multiplayer mode and fight against friends instead which makes it more interesting. Plus if they disconnect then Battlefield modded app will still keep on playing.

7- Amazing Graphics

The graphics are so good that you’ll feel like you’re actually there on the battlegrounds fighting!

8- Battle with Up to 100 Players

You can fight in up to 100 players per match with friends or solo depending on your mood! Find some friends get on the Battlegrounds India hack and load up for the most epic bgmi fun in your life!

9- Various Game Modes

There are 3 maps and various game modes too, so there is something for everyone who loves playing online shooters. You can also play alone vs AI bots or with friends against human players as it suits you best.

battlegrounds mobile india mod apk

10- Also there are many developments & updates for battlegrounds mod apk for android and ios which means that you can expect more features in the future too. It includes a recording feature to make videos of your gameplay.

MOD Info

1- Unlimited Diamonds

2- Anti Ban

3- Aimbot

4- Flying Car

5- Black Sky

battlegrounds india mod apk

How to Download & Install Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD Apk?

1- Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Battlegrounds Mobile India App if you have already installed it.

2- Open Settings of your Device, Go to Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.

3- Download BGMI Mod Apk & OBB File from the below link & install it. (Click on ”Allow from this source” if requested)

4- Open the Battlegrounds Mobile App


Final Words

Battlegrounds mobile India apk download is a must-have app for iPhone, Android, and Windows users so don’t miss out on this awesome game.   So play now battlegrounds mod apk by following instructions given in the website link below or you can check out how to install bgmi apk on your devices at the bottom of this article: Play Mobile Battlegrounds – Battle Royale For PC, Smartphone (Android/iOS) & Mac You will need an emulator to run battlegrounds apk file.

Comment below if you are encountering any problems!

Hey Guys, Today I am sharing the Download Link of the PUBG MOD Apk in which you can get No Recoil, Unlimited Uc, Aimbot, Anti Ban, etc. by this Mod Apk. PUBG MOD APK


What is PUBG MOD Apk?

PUBG MOBILE HUNDRED RHYTHMS Mod Apk allows you to play multiplayer Battle Royale FPS Action on your Mobile Devices.  v2.2.0

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Survive huge 100-player classic battles, zombie mode, 4v4 team deathmatches, payload mode & Much More.

Survival is key & the last one standing wins.

pubg mod

Features of PUBG Mobile MOD APK: –

1- Aimbot (Auto Aim)

You don’t need to own Unlimited Bullets to get chicken dinner in the Pubg Mobile game. Since in such Pubg MOD APK, you’ll acquire advanced features such as AimBot & AutoAim. With the support of these attributes, you can pile your anime in one flame without squandering any Ammo.

The Aimbot attribute automatic Aim the Enemy playing against you personally, as well as also the Aimbot feature mechanically shoots & kills your enemy.


pubg mod apk

2- Wallhack

If you’re love playing PUBG Mobile, then you’re likely to have a great deal of pleasure in this variant as this PUBG MOD APK includes a Wallhack ESP Feature. This really is a quality that won’t ever allow you to fail in PUBG.

Wallhack means appearing round the wall or understanding what’s around the wall. With the support of this attribute, you can kill your enemies quite easily, wherever they’re hidden. Since in case your Enemy is hiding behind a wall & is still plotting to kill you, then you’ll have the ability to view him with the support of the Wallhack attribute, & until he shoots, you’ll kill him.

pubg mobile mod apk

3- Unlimited UC

Would you have a Royal Pass & want to get New Guns, Skins & Clothes? Do not worry, PUBG MOD APK offers Unlimited UC in your PUBG Mobile Game.

With the support of this attribute, you’ll acquire Infinite UC. With which you may purchase Guns Skins, new outfits, vehicle or bike skins, etc. without spending actual money.

4- Mighty Weapons

You’ll also get this in an Official PUBG Mobile Game also. The particular thing about the mobile game is that everything seems genuine inside. It seems like There’s a Digital World in the PUBG Mobile Game. In which you will find things such as flying on the plane & speaking to your friends.

Additionally, collecting weapons in the homes, experience with friends such as riding in aeroplanes, bikes, cars & ships. The mobile game is truly amazing to play with friends. Once you play with it, then you are going to end up crazy about PUBG Mobile Game.

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5- Survive Epic Modes

From the 100-player classic mode, the thrilling payload mode to the lightning-fast 4v4 Deathmatch Team modes, in addition to the extreme Zombie Modes. There’s something for everybody!

Play Solo, Duo, or 4-player Squads. Be a lone soldier or play with a Clan & reply to the obligation calls when assistance is required!

Locate your ideal ride & bits to rail towards the end circle!

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6- Ready, Aim, Fire!

Play PUBG Mobile Game with customizable cellular controllers, training manners, & voice conversation with High-quality Graphics & 3D Surrounding Sound.

Perform the easiest controller & sensible ballistics, weapon performance on Mobile Devices.

7- Huge Battle Maps

From Miramar to Erangel, Sanhok to Vikendi, play on these large battlegrounds ranging in terrain, size, night/day cycles & changing weather.

From urban city areas to cold tundra, to thick jungles, control each battleground’s mysteries to create your own necessary way to win.

pubg mobile

8- Powerful Vehicles & Weapons

Pubg Mobile Game offers a lot of Modified Vehicles for different areas & an arsenal of Supreme Weapons.


MOD Info

1- No Recoil

2- Aim Bot (Auto Aim)

3- Unlimited Money / Unlimited UC (doesn’t work for Android 11)

4- No fog

5- Unlimited Health (Might Not Work)

6- Wallhack

7- MOD Menu ESP

8- Anti Ban (Still Don’t Use Main Account)

How to Install & Download Pubg Mod Apk on Android Devices?

1- Open Settings of your Device, Go to Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.

2- Download Pubg Mod Apk & OBB File from the below link.

3- Extract the OBB File > Copy-Paste to Android > obb

4- Install the PUBG MOBILE MOD APK (Click on ”Allow from this source” if requested)

5- Open the Pubg App

6- Allow Display Over other Apps & Other Permissions which are required.


Final Words

Comment below if you are encountering any problems!